Player Caydus posted a message on 09/04 16:14 on the MadWin Forum: 1st recharging. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :1st recharging
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09/04/2009 16:14:35


I would like to know if by recharging my €100 account for the first time by bank transfer, I would get 450 or 900 credits. In addition, would I receive 150 clik for the game pharaoh or 300? With regard to the accumulation on the DreamCard, how much credit should I accumulate when I reload? 450 or 900? Finally, I understood through the forum that there was a problem with the two exclusive free games with vip status (platinum or previous), has this been resolved? Sincerely.

ps: I have already asked customer service, but it doesn't answer my questions very much?

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09/04/2009 17:56:23


the promo you are talking about is exclusively reserved for the first reload since you registered on MadWin.
If you are VIP, you can no longer benefit from this offer!

The Web'

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09/04/2009 18:08:35

I am aware of this and it is stated in my message πŸ˜ƒ
That said, it does not answer my questions πŸ€”

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09/04/2009 23:20:53

I am new precisely ..
In addition, it does not answer my questions at all and when I post a message, it does not appear 😲
There is a need for validation from a webmaster for that?

Well, I wait for my answers before starting on the site and make my purchases of credits.

Thanks in advance ! πŸ™‹

Number of Messages: 6
13/04/2009 18:20:13

There is no one to answer me?
Has the forum of this site died at this point?

It's all the same bad and disappointing πŸ™

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