Player webmaster posted a message on 03/08 10:40 on the MadWin Forum: MadWin interviewed. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :MadWin interviewed
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03/08/2009 10:40:24

Hello everyone,

We had the pleasure to answer an interview for the site, you can consult it here: http:

// The Web'

Top poster
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03/08/2009 14:51:49

Very good idea that this interview !!

I really enjoyed learning more about the beginnings of the site and your small team. I also felt very close because I feel so comfortable in this environment, and I could just as well go to the other side .. but hey, I may not be training adequate .. but I would not say that I do not like my studies !!

I'm also happy to see you attach importance to certain points, because indeed, the evolution, the originality, the interactivity and the gifts are essential to the maintenance ... even if you are not ready to go to the other side of the sites !! 😉

Good continuation,


Number of Messages: 5
03/08/2009 15:12:05

Perfect 😉

I look forward to the novelty in September for VIP 😂

Number of Messages: 5
03/08/2009 15:16:07

On the other hand two slight negative points for the forum:

-We can not edit or delete the message, when it is being validated .. (after no longer?)

Besides, why do we have to validate these web messages?
I know some people can post links to ads or insults, but they are rather rare right? I think it would be nice if the message is published directly 🙋

Top poster
Number of Messages: 465
01/09/2009 22:11:55

This is it in September .....

The surprise for VIPs should arrive soon !!

Like what, we are all children, we watch our surprises as children who watch for the little mouse!

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