Player ptitemane posted a message on 18/12 18:23 on the MadWin Forum: credit problems..... Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :credit problems....
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18/12/2006 18:23:47

slt a tous le monde!!!!!
I'd like to know pk every time I buy credits I only have 6 and the other 6 go in the game of the tree????
half of my credits that I buy go into the game "Christmas tree" without me asking for anything!!!!!

help me please!!!!

otherwise apart from that the game is great I have fun siper well alive madwwwwwwinnnnn!!!!

Number of Messages: 3412
18/12/2006 20:22:38


This is perfectly normal :
a phone call entitles you to 6 credits.

At the moment, we offer in BONUS to those who buy credits, participations in the Christmas tree due to a participation offered by purchased credit.

So, you buy 6 credits that you use as you want and you benefit until January 10 of the offered participations for each credit purchased!

Good games!

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