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15/01/2021 à 20:26:18
7 Credits
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16/01/2021 10:45:21 : chantou22 won:
              - a Lucille Pendant from The Walking Dead
              - a Teardrop Pendant Angel Pink Cubic Zirconia
              - Un Collier Coeur de Cristal Rose
              - a Tear of Angel Pendant Zirconia Color Champagne Woody
              - a My Little Twilight Sparkle Pony Elastic
              - une Bague Mille Nuits
16/01/2021 07:10:51 : chantou22 won:
              - un Pendentif The Walking Dead Main de Zombie
              - an ICandy Twist Brown Belt Bracelet
              - une Chaîne avec pendentif Dark Vador
              - a Pair of Princess Sofia Earrings
              - Un Collier Coeur de Cristal Rose
16/01/2021 00:29:58 : chantou22 won:
              - a Bracelet ICandy Twist Belt White
              - un Vernis à Ongles Fuchsia 32 by Kads
              - a Design Vaporizer
              - a silver bracelet
15/01/2021 21:04:26 : chantou22 won:
              - Un Bracelet Manhattan Coeur Emeraude
              - une Paire d'Ecouteurs Xiami Mi2 Noir
              - un Tambour À Main Xdrum Primero Cajon Negra Incl
              - Un Collier Coeur de Cristal Rose
15/01/2021 14:17:04 : bonjour37 a gagné :
              - Un Bracelet Manhattan Coeur Emeraude
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MadWin Original Creation: fill your Element Holder and win everything it contains!
The grid boxes contain items and Prizes. To Confirm your Element Holder, you must have an item at least as powerful as your most powerful prize. If your combination is good, you win all the accumulated Prizes. In a single Round, you can win nearly AUD 2 300 Prizes!

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