Game Masters is a Loot Game! Take power by challenging other MadWin Players

02/04/2020 à 10:26:17
7 Credits
Game Rules Square List
31/03/2020 20:13:38 : mystyk0 a gagné :
              - a Comics Sticker for Car Window
              - a Comics Sticker for Car Window
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Discover the Masters of the Game and play to win up to AUD 2,300 gifts!
MadWin Original Creation: fill your Elementary and win everything it contains!
The grid boxes contain items and gifts. To validate your item, you must have an item at least as powerful as your most powerful gift. If your combination is good, you win all the accumulated gifts. In a single game, you can win nearly AUD 2 300 gifts!

Become a Master of the Game, join us now!
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