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Discover Brikz Attack
Brikz Attack
The Brikz, Goowiz's sworn enemies, are back in this arcade game where you have to be skillful!
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Discover Fiesta Pinata
Fiesta Pinata
Magalie is back for a hidden skill game
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Discover Battle
Battle Booty Game
Win 1000 Points
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Discover Zangria Hour
Zangria Hour
The Zombie Academy is hungry and it's up to you to help them
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Domino Scratch Ticket
Number of remaining tickets :1131 / 1500
Win AUD 7 800
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Free Games > Mega-Contest > Mega-Contest of the Week
Free Games > Mega-Contest > Mega-Contest of the Week
Mega-Contest the 23/09 -> 29/09
Play MadWin Free Games every day with your daily free rounds. Rank in each Game Game Contests of the Day and try to win as many medals as you can. These medals rank you at the Mega-Contest the Week.
<notranslate>a Fisher-Price Toy My First Blocks &amp; Rainbow Pyramid</notranslate>
a Fisher-Price Toy My First Blocks & Rainbow Pyramid
Prize Lists
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You're not ranked on this Mega-Contest yet.

Play quickly the different games with the symbol on them in order to rank yourself in the Game Contests of the Day these games, and win medals to rank yourself in the Mega-Contest.

The Ranking Up To Date(Calculated at: 23/09/2021 14:08:51)
Win medals thanks to MadWin's Daily Challenges to get your score up at the Mega-Contest!
Nobody's ranked in the Mega-Contest yet.
Latest Winners
Avatar of : nadiak62
nadiak62 - 23/09/2021 14:08:43
91 Points
Avatar of : dudule1911
dudule1911 - 23/09/2021 14:08:36
36 Points
Avatar of : prima2859
prima2859 - 23/09/2021 14:08:28
50 Points
Avatar of : laote33
laote33 - 23/09/2021 14:08:24
32 Points
Avatar of : dugasdug
dugasdug - 23/09/2021 14:08:23
32 Points
Avatar of : NIVOLCOM
NIVOLCOM - 23/09/2021 14:08:15
5 Points
Avatar of : myriam26
myriam26 - 23/09/2021 14:08:09
69 Points
Avatar of : BABYBOUM19
BABYBOUM19 - 23/09/2021 14:08:07
50 Points
Avatar of : lahoussiere
lahoussiere - 23/09/2021 14:08:06
40 Points
Avatar of : louxor20
louxor20 - 23/09/2021 14:08:02
5 Points
Avatar of : rabelais10
rabelais10 - 23/09/2021 14:07:55
47 Points
Avatar of : GROMOMO
GROMOMO - 23/09/2021 14:07:49
62 Points
Avatar of : castroline62
castroline62 - 23/09/2021 14:07:47
33 Points

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