Player webmaster posted a message on 21/08 14:27 on the MadWin Forum: NEW on Powder Fire 2!. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :NEW on Powder Fire 2!
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21/08/2014 14:27:13

Hello 🙋

Discover a new version of Powder Fire 2 now!

- There is now 5 access to Red Beaver Sam in the Barrier Reef! And most of all, all attacks now trigger part of Red Beaver Sam, unless a game is already in progress.

- A new box appears in Red Beaver Sam: The Cache-Oeil. The player who discovers this box ends the game immediately. Attention also, waiting times between each click have been changed.

- The most important: the Red Beaver Sam's treasure win is doubled, now with 1000 € to win!

The treasure of Red Beaver Sam becomes more than ever a major game on Powder Fire 2, with games more often, and a maximum gain doubled!

We have also increased access to the Black Teeth Al and Jim Seahorse Games for even more games and more winnings!

Good games!
The Web'

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21/08/2014 23:36:02

ok thanks for the WebMaster info:)

Top poster
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22/08/2014 20:01:12

Thank you for all this good news is nice 🌹

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