Player webmaster posted a message on 20/11 11:04 on the MadWin Forum: Zombie Academy: something new!. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Zombie Academy: something new!
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20/11/2013 11:04:16

Hello 🙋

Still new on Zombie Academy!

We decided to double the number of Tokens offered with your account!

In addition, the Showcase Trophies has been reduced and contains only 80 Trophies!

Other than that, there are always 2 1000 € checks to win!

The trophies of the Showcase Trophies are renewed only when these two checks of 1000 € are earned!

So who will be the next winner?

Good games everyone!
The Web'

Number of Messages: 1061
20/11/2013 12:21:20

hello everyone zombie game is too expensive thank you 😢

Top poster
Number of Messages: 288
24/11/2013 00:24:02

I know that I'm rabat joy ... but restart the game to return to the same number of boxes on the grid, and may be the same booty in the end ..... push what progress! we just deleted the free parts ..

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