Player webmaster posted a message on 21/09 09:50 on the MadWin Forum: NEW Level Games. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Discover Zangria Hour
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Subject :NEW Level Games
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21/09/2012 09:50:38

Hello everyone,

You asked us, we did it :)
Indeed, you now have the opportunity to choose your level of play.

Another novelty: The game "Square of the Mad" on MadWin is now also a game with levels.

Good games!

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22/09/2012 06:39:05

😃Thank you to the Madwin team. At least we can resume our favorite games without being blocked) can not finish any game. It's great.🎤

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22/09/2012 13:22:45

Hello, I thank you for your gift of gift from brest

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