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Subject :Challenges and Mega-Challenges
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22/12/2011 15:49:22


For Christmas, I have the pleasure to offer you this little gift: the return of Challenges, new version, which return on 05/01/2012!

It will be Daily Challenges and not weekly. You will always win Medals for the Mega Challenge Weekly.

At the Daily Challenge, you will be ranked according to the number of points earned on your free spins (excluding booster games).
And in case of a tie, you will win the same win so no matter what time you play :)

The classification at the Mega Challenge Hebdo will be based on the number of your Medals acquired at Challenges Daily Games.
The first 3 win a gift, the following points.

Be careful, if you still have clicks for Super Winner, you will have until 28/02/2012 to use them.

Good games!

The Web'

Number of Messages: 37
22/12/2011 16:15:39

great, here's some wonderful news for Christmas. What a gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you ! jewel0377

Top poster
Number of Messages: 32
31/12/2011 10:35:20

Hello Web, thank you for this excellent news that should delight the majority

Number of Messages: 25
04/01/2012 19:58:27

But will there be a ranking by game or a weekly ranking on all 15 games added together, regardless of which one has played? Who can enlighten me?

Number of Messages: 15
05/01/2012 09:53:53

Hello web ....
best wishes....
We are the 5th of January and I do not see any challenge or great challenge ... what is it?

Top poster
Number of Messages: 782
05/01/2012 21:16:13

Kalous, I think it will be necessary to wait until midnight, you worry it's coming 🎤 pass a very good evening🙋

Number of Messages: 18
06/01/2012 07:33:18

Back to the old version!
Thank you

Number of Messages: 6
06/01/2012 07:35:45

thank you for the return of the challenges!

Number of Messages: 1
07/01/2012 14:00:14

what to say more than the others: thank you.

Number of Messages: 125
07/01/2012 19:49:04


I add my thanks to yours for the return of the challenges, Happy new year and good games to everyone

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