Player webmaster posted a message on 24/01 21:57 on the MadWin Forum: Update: technical maintenance. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Atlantis Paradise Ocean
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Subject :Update: technical maintenance
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24/01/2011 21:57:29

Helllo 🙋

As announced yesterday, we had to perform maintenance yesterday to solve technical problems. Even today, our sites have been very unstable despite our hard work since yesterday to correct all these concerns. Please accept our apologies for these inconveniences.

As part of these technical interventions, access to our application MadGames will remain suspended until tomorrow in the day. Access to our other sites is restored.

We thank you for your patience and support!

Good games!
The Web'

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31/01/2011 23:40:39

hello, today there are problems, many people could not return to their account ! (there was a page to identify themselves)... impossible to validate their validation problem on tic tac queues..........I hope you can validate automatically in their place and fix all this..............we take many months to be first on the indulgent because this is a technical problem....thank you in advance

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